Inspirational Speaking

Motivational & Inspirational Speaking

My mission is simple. To assist the everyday person that may have suffered or is currently struggling with something personal that hinders their ability to be productive, self-motivated, or a team player. These conditions are common among us humans and can have a deeper impact than we realize simply because we hide them from the world.

I, Keith Kayle, have spoken in a number of facilities and large government organizations to help people to recall their value, their love for themselves, and to be reinvigorated with truthful facts about all of us that get forgotten simply by the course and participation in life. These foundational things such as self-worth, confidence, self respect, inner peace, self knowledge, and the ability to love and be loved have a powerful impact on us all when they become muted.

We Are Important!

I use my insights, personal experiences, past suffering, and the resulting wisdom to reacquaint us with ourselves. It is my deep interest in helping your employees, parishioners, or group members to awaken the beauty in each one of us and to empower them through my story. Resulting in knowledge, regardless of where we come from or where we are now. Our life and very existence is a beautiful thing! Our value here is immense as individuals and as a group.

I have known and worked with Keith for over 7 years. During that time, his friendship, wisdom, compassion, knowledge, and love have transformed me in ways I cannot adequately explain in words. What Keith has been able overcome in his own life is, quite simply, miraculous, and he has used those experiences to fuel a genuine and sincere desire to love and heal others. Keith continues to help me push through barriers that prevent me from loving myself and others in an unconditional and free manner. I would not be the person I am today without Keith’s loving care and guidance, and I am eternally grateful to have him in my life.

Matt M.

Keith has an amazing ability to listen openly, see the truth and to speak it in a loving, compassionate and empathetic way. He has helped me change my perspective from that of being a victim to life’s circumstances to seeing solutions and how true effort in focusing on love and compassion towards both myself and others can affect change in my life. Through working with Keith, I am learning to love without fear and develop true connections with others. He has helped me heal from trauma in my life and has enabled me to see the joy and opportunity for growth in daily life, and for this I am so very grateful!

Aimee V.

My experience working with Keith has been transformational. He helped me discover, uncover and begin to change a deeply imbedded and debilitating belief. His help has allowed me to heal. I am grateful for Keith’s genuine love and compassion that made this possible.

Harry D.

I was totally amazed! The very first session with Keith changed my relationship with my daughter and relieved us of major unspoken barriers. Keith was very compassionate while helping me to see the dark rooted things I struggled with, it’s because of him that my daughter and I have a bond that we NEVER imagined would be possible. Thank you Keith for opening your heart to assist others in healing. I am forever grateful.

Louise W.